How to mint an animation piece

How to hide a token. (hide_collection is valid)

Any copyright or trademark infringement will be hidden on the site.

9bidou is onchain minter & marketplace.

This is a 8bidou in a parallel world.

Update Schedule

- Compatible with smartphones
- Allow the user to choose a unique color for the item page.
- Hide items set to hide_collection from the collection page
- Add some profile links.
- Add loading animation
- Add 1-bit colors
- Add 2-bit colors

For New Comers

9bidou is a site designed to withstand criticism in the buying and selling of digital art, and is intended to be a good starting point for artists who are not comfortable with the NFT format.

9bidou is privately owned and operated and receives no venture capital or foundation funding.

If photography and media art are acceptable, then the NFT format is equally acceptable. It is programmatically the same as an online game item, with the ability to resell it.

9bidou deals with NFTs in their most straightforward form: inscribing them into the blockchain. As long as the blockchain called Tezos exists, all works will remain.

In a digital art platform, it does not have to be blockchain at all. However, the advantages of using blockchain do exist because the current situation is difficult to achieve without blockchain, such as the loss of the operating website and the generation of secondary sales royalties to the author.

As anyone who has handled credit card payment systems will know, it is still a tricky task to distribute rewards digitally in government-issued currency.

Tezos is one of the blockchains that few people use for money games (And for that reason, it is poor.)

Since it was difficult to write this long text, it was done by automatic translation (Deepl).